Valentine Week List With Days Names & Dates to Celebrate with Your Love

Here is finalized Valentine Date List of 2017 including after valentine week list 2017

Love cannot be more romantic than it is during the Valentine week. Yes! The love season is back again, and we know that how hard it is to wait to spend a date with your loved one on Valentine’s Day. But wait! It doesn’t approach you directly. Just like all other things of this universe, love also has some proper rules which you should follow in the Valentine week before celebrating with your Valentine.

Valentine Week Calendar 2017 And The Magic Which It Brings:

7 February, Tuesday – Rose Day

rose-day Images for valentine day

The bright red color of a rose is really what a girl needs to give her hope in a relationship. Rose, as we all know is the symbol of love, is given to each other by couples this day and feelings are expressed beautifully with the charm of its red colour.

8 February, Wednesday – Propose Day

Propose Day

What can be more beautiful than a promise to live together for whole life? On Propose day, which falls on 8th February, lovers propose each other for marriage, and single people propose their crushes. This day can be the prettiest day of the week if there number of proposals for you to see.

9 February, Thursday – Chocolate


Yumm! Even the young saplings also like chocolates then why don’t the fully grown flowers. By giving chocolate to the person you love, you can prove him/her the sweetness of your love and the complexion of your passion for him/her.

10 February, Friday – Teddy Day

Happy Teddy Day Images

Yayy! Teddy!! Remember Mr. Bean?? Yes, you may steal his teddy and present it to your love because that’s the most joyful thing present on this planet. Imagine if your girlfriend, wife, spouse or any close friend is angry, what else other than a huge cute teddy would melt her heart and prepare her for the promise day.

11 February, Saturday – Promise Day


Love is uniting, reuniting and forever-uniting. Promise day is the day on which all the barriers are broken, and a lover can express all his feelings hidden in his heart for his love in the form of sweet and cute promises.

12 February, Sunday – Hug Day

Hug-Day 2017

The most comfortable thing on this planet is a sweet warm cuddle from a loved one. On Hug Day, lovers hug each other and become a single soul by making each other feel special about the upcoming Valentine day.

13 February, Monday – Kiss Day

kiss day

Kissing is the ultimate symbol of love which acts as a declaration to stay like one soul two bodies. Kissing is practiced in many countries and is done by couples on the lips or forehead of their love to make them feel safe and secure under the kisser’s presence.

14 February, Tuesday – Valentine’s Day


The wait finally gets over, and the couple reaches the Valentine’s Day. Known as Saint Valentine’s Day or the Feast of Saint Valentine, this day brings the utmost happiness in a couple’s life wishes their love Godspeed. Lovers finally unite and once again love spread all over the whole world with a big smile.

So this was the year 2017’s Valentine Day Schedule. Don’t miss the days and go, keep your love, forever alive.


Source: India