Started by a publicist and graphic designer, the Pink Whale challenge does not have an assigned curator and is open to everyone.

A happy alternative version of the infamous mobile game “Blue Whale” has been emerged and it is known as the “Pink Whale”. Just as assumed, the pink whale game’s daily challenges are in contrast to the dark challenges of Blue Whale which manipulate the players to indulge in self-harm. The pink whale game instead of providing harmful challenges to players, provides challenges which are aimed to return the player some love or happiness. For example, some of the tasks are

  • Unblock your friend on social media.
  • Tell someone a joke.
  • Wear a new outfit.
  • Apologize for your wrongdoing, etc.

The game was originated in the month of April in Brazil and was named as ‘Baleia Rosa’ which means Pink Whale in Portugal. As per sources, the game has already set out 107 daily challenges for its players through Facebook and Instagram and was positive enough to gather 3,40,000 followers in such a short period of time. Below is what the administrators of the verified Facebook pages which distribute pink whale challenges have said about the game:

“In order to prove that the internet can be used to viralize the good, the Pink Whale was born. We are not a self-help group! We just believe that we are all capable of promoting love and good!”

For the further help of Pink Whale community, their initiative is also getting aid from governmental authorities of Sao Paulo in Brazil. The game is available on both mobile and desktop platforms through an app and a website respectively and is playable in three languages which are English, Portuguese and Spanish.

The Pink Whale game was started by a graphic designer as a response to the self-harm encouraging Blue Whale game. Whenever a player downloads and plays pink whale, he does this as per his own wish as the game does not force its task involuntary and gives the player the option to quit as per his wishes. The Blue Whale which emerged in the year 2015 and spread throughout the world has already taken too many lives.  With the emergence of the pink whale, the number of such self-harm tendencies and suicides either from the pressure of dark games, depression or mental instabilities are expected to decrease throughout the globe.