Funny 9Gag Quotes Memes for social media like facebook, twitter and whats app

It’s January, its new year, you’re done watching Dangal, vacations are over and what’s left is just boring working days or exams. How would you like to spend your days, in boredom or just thinking about the ways to kill your boredom? Now you really don’t need to worry about that because social media is a big place and to provide you great humorous gags, the good old school days partner 9Gag is here.

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9Gag is not only a meme providing Facebook page but there’s so much more to it that you cannot even think. Multiple creators work on this platform and generate funny humorous memes to keep you working even in the deepest pits of boredom in your life. 9Gag memes are liked and shared by millions of users daily and they have always brought a big smile on their face.

Some of the best funniest 9Gag memes are:

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Maybe the reason girls don’t want to hang out with me

9gag Funny Quotes Memes

He caught me cheating It’s his fault for spying on me… 9gag Funny trolls Memes

9gag Funny Quotes Memes trolls

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Just let woman make these memes… so we can actually learn something useful for BAD

9gag Funny Quotes Memes images

You crush, her father, her brother, her EX, Her first love and ME.. 9gag Funny Quotes Memes

9gag Funny Quotes Memes crush

Collage is for ugly girls who can’t get modeling contracts…No, college is for women who don’t want to marry the frst idiot they meet and squeeze out his bastard moron children… 9gag Funny Quotes Memes

Best 9gag Funny Quotes Memes